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Host Livver Video Conferencing Sessions doing what you love to do or, showing others how to do what you love to do!

Membership Plans


Custom Pricing

With Custom Pricing, hosts can add as many records as they wish to apply; discount or override regular price of the service depending on selected service, date, day and time of the appointment. Each Custom Pricing record is called a rule


With Extras Hosts can define service options which shall be offered to the client as an option on the confirmation form. Extras can be products, parts, equipment, material, or another service (called “extra service”) in addition to the currently selected one.

Group Bookings

With Group Bookings Hosts can allow their session participants to purchase sessions for more than one person/guest/seat for each time slot.


Multi Language addon allows you to display names of services, providers and other WP BASE variables in language of the visiting user. It also allows sending of emails and SMS messages in client language.

A simplified example: A native French speaker visits your hair dressing website. When selecting among services, “la Coupe de cheveux” is displayed to him instead of the default “Hair Cut”. During checkout he can check Terms & Conditions in French. He forgets to fill in a field and warning message is in French. After he makes an appointment his confirmation email is sent in French.


Quotas allow hosts to limit the number of bookings of logged-in clients for each service for certain time intervals, namely for weekdays (Monday to Friday), weekends (Saturday and Sunday), definable special days, for weeks, months and total upcoming (paid, confirmed, pending), by checking previous bookings of the clients in those intervals.


Packages allow hosts to combine two or more sessions and sell them as if they were a single session, for example teaching client to cut hair + braiding sessions. sessions can start at the same time, can be back-to-back or separated with preselected time in minutes or days. To do so, a delay setting is provided for each session that will be used to wait for the next job to start.


Recurring Appointments allow your clients pick a time slot and its repeating sessions easily. This premium feature also provides a setting to create a custom user interface with two pulldown menus (Number of repeats and recurrence frequency) and texts in between.


The Variable Durations premium feature provides two tools to control service duration: Selectable Durations and Time & SP Variant Durations.

Selectable Durations allow your clients pick desired duration of their sessions on the front end by a pull down menu

Time and Host Variant Durations allow Hosts to preset different service durations for different week days and times. For example you can set a service to last for 1 hour in the morning, 2 hours on Monday afternoons, 3 hours on Friday afternoons.


With the Waiting List  feature Hosts can allow their clients to join a waiting list for fully booked time sessions.

Google Calendar

The Google Calendar feature allows connecting bookings of your sessions with one or more Google Calendars (GCal) so that bookings made in your website create GCal events and events created in GCal create bookings in your Livverr account.

Live Video Conferencing

Live Video Conferencing allows automatic creation of online video/audio conference meetings scheduled to start at the booking time.

Sell Products

With this premium feature Diamond Hosts can post and sell products on their meeting room page.

Sell Products in Waiting Room

After a Livverr Session has been booked by a user, Livverr creates a Livverr online video conferencing Session that will begin on the scheduled date and time. Before the session begins, users have access, and can be invited, to the Host’s waiting room. Here, products, content and other Livverr Sessions can be displayed and purchased by users.

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